Inheritance law


Each country has its own rules of inheritance. If an estate involves a foreign element, then immediately a question arises which law of inheritance applies.

A foreign element is present not only when assets (such as real estates) are located abroad. A foreign connection is already available in case of mixed-nationality marriages if a foreign partner dies and their assets are inherited domestically.

Our law firm specialises in the area of ​​the German-Polish inheritance law. We will advise you comprehensively and individually on all matters on the subject of inheritance in Germany and Poland.
International inheritances often involve various tax and legal particularities that must be considered. Therefore, it is advisable to rely on help from a specialised lawyer.

Our law firm offers you an advice from lawyers who are familiar with the German, Polish, as well as the international inheritance law. At the same time, the tax aspect is taken into account - we can also provide you with a support from a tax consultant, who has appropriate knowledge and experience in this area.

A comprehensive legal advice from a German-Polish lawyer can help you to avoid any difficulties and problems in advance. An advance drafting of the provisions can ensure that the relatives will not be burdened with unnecessary difficulties arising from inheritance.



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