Corporate clients

Our law firm, situated in Poland (Szczecin and Warsaw) and in Germany (Berlin), focuses specifically on the German - Polish legal relations. We advise you in German on Polish law, as well as in Polish on German law. Our clients benefit from the exchange of experience of our lawyers in both countries.
We offer German and international companies who are operating in Poland comprehensive legal advice on Polish law. Our experience in the field of Polish-German economic exchange helps to prevent typical problems of German entrepreneurs operating in Poland.
Our offices focus on the representation and enforcement of corporate interests. This involves, in particular, the drafting of contracts and assistance in corporate decision- making the process as well as a recovery of receivables.
We see ourselves as a partner in all aspects of your legal concerns, but especially in cross-border, German-Polish economic relations. The focus of our consulting activities includes the German and the Polish business and civil law.
Due to our knowledge of the practice of Polish law we help our German clients to prevent typical problems that could potentially appear.