Transportation law



The German-Polish law firm KOZLOWSKI represents transport companies that deal with road transport in Poland and Germany.
Polish, English, and German-speaking lawyers provide legal advice for freight forwarders that deliver transport services within the EU, with particular emphasis on Poland and Germany.
Our offer, in terms of transport law, is also aimed at manufacturers and cooperating companies, for the processing of contracts and risk management in optimizing the logistical processes in the field of transport law is as important for them as for transportation and logistics companies.
Our legal advice in the field of the Polish transport law essentially comprises:

  • drafting of contracts, in particular, freight forwarding services and framework agreements, agreements with agents and contractors,
  • other issues related to the development of contracts, in particular, the development and optimisation of the general terms and conditions in the transport, forwarding and logistics,
  • advice on the necessary documents, in particular on the bills of lading and shipping documentation,
  • enforcement of claims for damages and liability,
  • defence against claims for damages.

The most common problems in the industry include:

  • compliance with the driving time rules,
  • issues related to ADR, AETR, ATP, CMR and TIR Convention,
  • approval procedures for the transportation of the over-dimensional haulage,
  • criminal liability for traffic offenses in Poland,
  • too low payments or the cancellation of the payment for transport insurance,
  • traffic law, traffic collisions and car insurance questions.


The law firm KOZLOWSKI provides legal advice and representation in Poland for transport companies, also in relation to the European order for payment and debt collection.

The transportation law in Poland and Germany is a collection of rules that regulates not only the field of transport, that is the carriage of persons or things (goods, mail, cargo) using appropriate means of transport, but also organisation of transportation companies as a part of whole economy.

In Poland, there is a lack of a uniform legal regulation, which includes within its scope all modes of transport. Considering the criterion of a mean of transport, one distinguishes between the following areas of transportation law: the rail law, the law on road traffic, the maritime law, the inland waterway law and the aviation law.
The Civil code includes the general rules concerning the transport of passengers and transport of goods. 
The provisions of the Civil Code on the contract of carriage form only the framework legislation. A direct application is possible with respect to the horse traffic only (for example, the horse-drawn carriages in resorts) and with respect to other untypical traffic (for example, wagon with goods).
The advice offered by our law firm includes not only the drafting of transportation contracts or the general terms and conditions but also legal advice on existing transportation contracts.
In addition, we assist our clients in asserting their compensation and liability claims against their contractors.

It is of great importance that claims from the contracts of carriage generally expire (both according to Polish or German law) after one year. It is, therefore, significant to have any claims examined in a timely manner by an experienced Polish lawyer.