Distribution law



The German-Polish law firm KOZLOWSKI offers international companies comprehensive and professional advice for their activities in Poland and Germany.

We support you in all matters concerning the conclusion, the resolution, and implementation of civil law contracts, predominantly in the German-Polish legal relations. Our advice includes in particular: 

  • drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts in accordance with the German and Polish law, 
  • consulting during contract implementation in both countries, 
  • support in testing and enforcement of claims arising during the contract implementation.


We advise our clients complexly in connection with the preparation and incorporation of the terms and conditions and general service conditions. Our advice includes the choice of the applicable law, and the design of the optimal contractual solutions, through which our clients' interests are well protected.


We advise our clients on all aspects of the German, Polish and international law of sales and services. This extends beyond drafting of commercial agent- authorised dealer- contracts to the creation of franchise models. 

In addition to the issues of general contract law, the law of the general terms and conditions as well as the law of intellectual property, there are other questions of importance, of competition law, antitrust and technology law.

Within the framework of dispute resolution, we advise our clients competently, among others, on the effectiveness of the termination of distribution agreements, the existence and calculation of any compensation claims and claims for damages.

We advise our clients who need to become a party to the dispute with respect to the Polish law.


Our advice includes substantially the following: 

  • drafting, negotiation or analysis of export contracts, 
  • analysis of co-operation and foreign representation contracts, 
  • preparation of general terms and conditions, 
  • drafting, negotiation or analysis of transport and storage contracts, 
  • enforcement of claims and protection against claims.